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After all, an event without music is just a meeting.

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DJ Song & Playlist Software

Your clients expect music from all decades - so why is it that playlist software seems stuck in 1995? At Releventful, we've raised the bar when it comes to playlist management to give today's DJ the flexibility to dictate how their client experience should be and not left at the mercy of the software they're using. An Add-on feature to our standard package, the DJ Playlist Manager has everything you truly need to run your business as a Solopreneur or a multi-team professional.

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Everything You Need

  • Spotify Playlist Sharing
    Our clients can share their Spotify list with you through seamless integration into Releventful
  • Top Hits Management
    Use our top hits or create your own. Releventful provides over 20 different top hits lists for your clients to choose from. Lists include top 200, top decades, and top wedding songs
  • Client Song Suggestions
    Your client can easily suggest a song they can't find
  • Branded Song Download
    Download your branded playlist to take it with you to your client meetings or just to have it handy
  • Live Song Suggestions
    Keep a pulse on the party by gauging the mood right from the audience themselves. Play as many of their favorites as you dare, but you can also learn genre and artist preferences by how often they're requested. Your playlist will be resounding in their minds long after the speakers have gone quiet! Learn More

Set-Up in Three Easy Steps

Step 1 - Choose an Experience

Choosing Your Clients Song Selection Experience

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I am having great results with the song lists and the way they are customizable in terms of song limits per category.

Step 2 - Scan Your Library

Scan Your Music Library w/Releventful REMIX® Song Scan.

  • Download the App
    Download our REMIX® Song Scanner app to your Mac or Windows device.
  • Scan Your Music Library w/REMIX® Song Scan
    Within seconds your entire music library will be scanned and ready to be used to match your client song selections.
  • We Do the Rest
    REMIX® Song Scan will automatically match your client song selections to the library on your laptop or desktop computer. Our unique matching system allows you to choose a different match if you have a different song in mind. We'll remember that match so you don't have to do it again.
Releventful has been an invaluable tool for OnPoint Entertainment. Having a one-stop shop for customer inquiries, booking, tracking, communication and planning has helped close more leads. The web interface is very user friendly for both us and the clients we work with. Lastly, the tool continues to get better as the Releventful team takes feedback and suggestions and incorporates them into the tool. I highly recommend it.

Step 3 - Get Your Playlist

Export your playlist generated by REMIX® Song Scan.

  • Export your playlist generated by REMIX® Song Scan.
    M3U Playlist File Download - standard playlist format that all major music production software supports (including, but not limited to Serato, iTunes, Traktor, Virtual DJ, & more).
  • CrateHackers compatible.
    Use our playlist text file download for quick import into CrateHackers.
  • Built for your entire team.
    Software designed so all employees can manage their own song libraries & playlists.


Yes! You can import your own songs for your clients to choose from.
You can choose from one of two options for your client song selection experience
  1. Spotify Song Search - allows your client to connect to Spotify to find the songs they would like to use for their event.
  2. Custom - allow your client to ONLY choose from your song library
Spotify will automatically use the region preferences your client has chosen in their Spotify account and allow them to use songs specific to their region.
Absolutely, yes! Not only can you set limits on the number of songs your client can choose, you can also create categories for them to choose songs for (like Must Play & Do Not Play).

Full Suite For Success

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