Invoicing Meets Integrated Payments

Custom designed so you can create, send, and book events in one seamless step.

Business Automations to Save You Time and Money

With Releventful's quick close invoicing you can create, send and book within minutes. Create a beautiful, branded proposal outlining your service offering within minutes to send to your customer electronically, with a corresponding invoice to send after acceptance. They can review and sign from any device (perfect for clients on the go) sending you a notification once the proposal has been accepted so you can get started. Along with each invoice sent you can apply payment terms like ACH, credit card processing, Stripe, or Square so that your customer can submit a payment instantly upon agreeing to service. You can even set up recurring invoices and reminders for larger events and services and schedule past due notices to send automatically so you no longer have to chase down past due payments.

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Ready. Set. Book.

Step 1. The Proposal

Custom designed to include everything you want and nothing that you don't. Use your logo, branding, and images to turn your potential clients into booked ones.

  • Use our provided templates or add your own.
  • Customizable with your business logo, branding, images, colors, text and more.
  • Create a shopping cart experience for your customer so they can build their own proposal based on the selection options you define.
  • Add form fields to your proposal to get additional information from your client straight from the proposal.
  • Add an image gallery to your proposal to help your customer visualize your offerings.

Ready. Set. Book.

Step 2. The Contract

All the legal stuff to seal the deal. Clients are able to securely sign your contract.

  • Our smart fields auto-fill essential event information like names, event date, contact information and more which means less typing for you.
  • Let your clients view and sign from any device.
  • All signatures are ESIGN and UETA compliant—so they are legally binding.
  • Customer initial and signature sections are easy to view and will notify your client if they have missed anything.
  • You will be notified as soon as a client signs and pays to get the next steps moving.
  • Easily import your existing contract and add custom formatting with our powerful contract editor.

Ready. Set. Book.

Step 3. The Invoice

Send the specifics of your client's event using either line item or a custom invoice. Once viewed, your client can initial, click, and pay.
Congrats on the new customer!

  • The proposal, invoice, & contract can all be sent together so your clients can view, sign, and pay within minutes or just send one item at a time.
  • Automatically start workflows as soon as the contract is signed.
  • All documents are stored in your client's portal so you and they can view anything at any time. Everything together in one central place.
Releventful has been an invaluable tool for OnPoint Entertainment. Having a one-stop shop for customer inquiries, booking, tracking, communication and planning has helped close more leads. The web interface is very user friendly for both us and the clients we work with. Lastly, the tool continues to get better as the Releventful team takes feedback and suggestions and incorporates them into the tool. I highly recommend it.

Fast & Easy Payments

Simple Savings

Save money on every payment by automatically passing on the credit card fees to your client.

Automatic Payments*

Tired of waiting on your client to pay?

Enroll your client in auto-pay for a simple and frictionless payment experience.

Intelligent Payments*

With the power of Stripe payments you can automatically offer the right kind of payment at the right time to close deals quicker.

Any Device

Clients can pay online from any device.


Secure encryption on all credit cards.

More Ways to Pay

Get paid your way with full integrations with Stripe and Square.

Multi-Currency Support

You determine the currency you want to receive payments in.

Automatic Payment Reminders

Automate your payment reminders to ensure that all payments are made on time.

Full-Service Solution*

Process payment refunds directly within Releventful.

Powerful & Full Payment Solution

With the power to accept all major credit and debit cards including over 30 different types of payments, your business will be positioned to help your clients pay quicker and faster than ever before.

*Feature is a part of our Stripe payments offering.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We have a full suite of full templates that you can use and customize for your business.
Yes, you can! Connect your QuickBooks Online account to automatically sync your invoices and payments to your QuickBooks account.
We have full integration with Stripe and Square for your clients. This means that you can choose the payment provider of your choice for your client to pay.

Check out our payment features
What makes our invoicing system unique is that you can include all 3 parts of the booking process into one screen.
  1. Review the proposal
  2. Review & sign the contract
  3. Receive payment & download invoice
Absolutely! Your client can access the invoice seamlessly from their phone or any device.

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